Brand Activation

Brand Activation is vast in its interpretations and simple in its definition. A brand activation is a face-to-face marketing tactic that has the objective of getting consumers to act, it creates a platform for Brand marketing and Trade marketing to meet and yield tangible and effective results. Brand Activation are the perfect forums for customers to engage with a brand. It's live, it's hands-on and it gives them a unique experience to remember.

At Positive Vibez Brand Solutions, our in-house team of specialists helps our clients design, plan and execute their brand related activation. We consistently provide the most cost-effective, low-risk, turn-key solutions to address business challenges. Our creative experts put their tools to work to create activation and experiences that are driven by an inborn understanding of a company's belief and what they seek to do for their customers.

We offer our client's a holistic solution that covers all activation touch-points.

  • Concept
  • Project Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Design
  • Activation Space Booking
  • Brand Ambassador Management
  • Outdoor and Sports Activations
  • Door to Door Promotions
  • In-Store Promotions

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